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Whilst we stay at home, we think about going outside and play outdoors, breathe fresh air and appreciate the blue sky over our heads, and remember our barcelona wine experiences. Being indoors has made us appreciate the feeling of certainty, the warmth of relationships with other people and of course, freedom of movement again. As a result of this and when the time comes when we may be allowed to go out, we will want to experience what it means to be local with immersing experiences, which place emphasis on culture and traditions which sustain communities.

Once the situation is managed, we will start to travel again and Spain will be ready for you. As a travel specialist, we are working on the premises that the tendency is towards VIP travel on tailor made holidays with private itineraries avoiding large groups and gatherings. We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure when travelling and thus, we propose a list exclusive experiences away from the crowds, whilst your stay in or around Barcelona. 

Visit award winning wineries a stone-throw-away from Barcelona in the Penedès or the Priorat wine regions, enhancing the visit with slow activities such as sailing or cycling, or mixing it with a cultural visit to timeless Montserrat Monastery in the mountains.


Let’s go on a private Bike and Wine cycling tour, where fun is the main purpose as you ride by vineyards on an electric bike. Stop and enjoy the views of the vineyards around, a wine region which have been producing wine for over 2500 years. Learn about local grape varieties and manual harvesting. Afterwards, enjoy visiting two wineries (sparkling wine and a still white and red wines winery) learning about Cava and its Traditional Method whist tasting refreshing glasses of sparkling wine. Once your thirst is quenched, visit an organic winery for a glimpse of what wine making entails. See what is behind a winery’s traditional approach and innovative methods, resulting on the perfect recipe for amazing wine. Enjoy an exclusive and delicious tapas lunch with vineyards’ views at the winery. 

You may also want to feel the wind on your face and sail The Mediterranean Sea on board your private cruiser yacht. Relax as you enjoy views of Barcelona’s skyline from afar on an exclusive Sailing and Wine excursion. You only need to decide if participating in hoisting the sails, steering the boat or simply sit and unwind with a refreshing beverage on your hand. Return to the marina and drive to a winery with an exceptional setting to walk by vineyards, witness the particulars of wine making at an organic winery and enjoy tapas lunch with beautiful views of the winery vineyards. 

barcelona wine experiences in a boat

A cultural daytrip,  as an alternative to the previous two barcelona wine experiences, may be decide  a Montserrat and Wine daytrip, with a visit to Montserrat Monastery nestled on a mountain. This is one of the most popular sites of the Barcelona’s province. With an early start, we aim to visit the Basilica arriving ahead of the main number of visitors. Visiting the Basilica and its legendary black Virgin, locally regarded as La Moreneta, observing  its candle room and enjoying views from the heights of this geological formation of singular importance is a must, which have a major influence on its surrounding wine regions. 

There is a wide array of choices, all placing emphasis on excusive places, warm and personalized welcome and delicious award winning wines. Some of the most commonly used grapes are Xarello, Tempranillo and Grenache, as well as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Most of the wineries of the Penedès wine region are ecologic and produce organic wines, focusing on quality rather than quantity, which requires manual grape harvesting and an ecological farming which is kind to the environment and surrounding flora and fauna.

We know vines have managed to overcome events like the one we are living right now. They have produced grapes every year without fail and are a true example of resilience. And just like them, we will come out stronger and wiser from this episode, ready to travel and conquer the world again.

Imagine yourself enjoying barcelona wine experiences in a terrace of Barcelona.


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