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Truly Spain, exclusive travel agency, offers you the possibility to discover in a different,
singular, personalised and special way, the Basque Country, which has become an
exclusive destination in recent years and still preserves some of the most wonderful and
secret places in Spain.

The people who inhabit these lands belong to one of the oldest cultures in Europe, with a
history, culture and traditions that go back thousands of years. Their language, Euskera,
is one of the oldest living World languages in existence and its origin is still being studied.
Landscapes impregnated with green mountains that end in cliffs and beaches agitated by
a rough sea, wonderful cities like San Sebastian or Bilbao and clusters of charming
villages scattered throughout the different valleys and bays, together with an unbeatable
and delicious gastronomy, are the presentation card of this fantastic land.
Our exclusive tours will make you discover the tradition, the culture, the history or the
gastronomy of places like San Sebastian, Bilbao or Pamplona or any of the small
welcoming villages scattered along the coast or the highlands, both in Iparralde and in
San Sebastian is, without a doubt, the great jewel of the Basque Country. It is a city
known worldwide for its tasteful gastronomy and its different beaches, the most
outstanding of which is La Concha. Enjoy a nice walk along its beautiful bay where the
sunsets are spectacular or an exclusive experience in the best bars spread throughout
the lively Old Town taking the typical “pintxos” (high cuisine in miniature) or visit the local
fresh market before entering a Gastronomic Society (private cooking club) of private and
exclusive access to members, where you will enjoy a meal feeling like a real local behind
the stove … or even learn how to cook.

Nearby we have Hondarribia, a small charming fishing village, with its medieval walled
quarter or the glamorous Biarritz, only 40 minutes from San Sebastian. Known as the Petit
Paris, we can witness the places where important characters as the Emperor Napoleon III
and his wife Maria Eugenia de Montijo used to spend their summer holidays.
At the western end we find Bilbao, which has been the example of the transformation of
the city. Along its history, it has been one of the main industrial ports of Spain and today it
is a city reconverted to culture and services. Its impressive Guggenheim Museum is a
great tourist attraction, but you should not miss its Plaza Nueva or the Cathedral of Saint
James located in the area of the 7 Streets, the origin of the town.
We can not forget San Juan de Gaztelugatxe or Guernica… this last icon of this land, as it
has been the target of the German and Italian bombings, suffered by the Basque Country
during the civil war, in 1937.

La Rioja, is a postcard of a province, with full of charming colourful landscapes, medieval
villages and endless vineyards, that will delight us with its high quality wines; the best in
our country. Thanks to the insider access to most exclusive places you will be able to visit
some of the most interesting old and avant-garde wineries, learn about the wine making
process while tasting some of them and the local gastronomy.
These are just some of the places you could visit. Due to our Taylormade holidays, you
could design your holiday to your taste and according to your preferences.