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Our team

Truly Spain is an experiential travel agency specialized in authentic, tailor-made travel experiences all over Spain. We focus on unique, distinctive trips by connecting our special clients with real local culture and people. We have over a decade of expertise looking after the most sophisticated, well-travelled clients.

We are passionate about our work which goes beyond professional; it is more of a personal involvement. Each trip is a challenge and our clients are part of the essence of what we do. We march to the beat of our own drum and we like to go off the beaten track.

Cristina Mochales

Crazy-in-love with traveling, Cristina has always shown interest in different cultures. She has travelled doing volunteer work in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc. and has also visited many other countries on a leisure-basis, which gives her the perfect experience for this job. Cristina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Double Major: Marketing and Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility.

After working in the Private Banking sector for many years, she decided to take a 180-degree turn and work as Marketing and Communication Director for various non-profits ending up in Vietnam as the main coordinator and pioneer of three strategy projects based on Sustainable Tourism and National Parks supported by the Vietnamese and Spanish Governments. In addition, she has specialized in training entrepreneurs (especially women) for many years and has worked as a consultant as well. But travel is in her blood and after leading some projects and a luxury travel agency startup from scratch, now she has created TRULY SPAIN and she is happy spending her professional time where she loves most: TRAVEL.

Santiago Herrero

Yago is an eclectic person … he defines himself as “an apprentice”. He always liked nature and decided to study Biological Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. During his career he did not take off his boots and traveled all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco looking for plants, insects, landscapes … and bringing his pocket full of unforgettable memories. After finishing his studies in Biology, he studied a Master’s in Journalism and worked in the content section of a well-known travel website. At that time, he discovers another of his great passions, the theater and he assembles a company called “La Higuera” specialized in contemporary theater. After a few years of work and a long journey throughout Europe he decided to study Landscape Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Landscaping links the two hemispheres of his brain with art and nature. He brings creativity and landscape to everything we do.