How we work


Probably the most creative travel company in Spain, we design personalized trips based on each client’s specific needs, thus combining adventurous activities with emotional experiences. You can choose cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona or historical gems such as The Alhambra. Our experiences include personal guided tours by the best specialists and secret introductions to genuine artists and chefs who will transport you to our real cultural heritage. Enjoy private flamenco evenings, exclusive culinary activities, dinner at renowned clubs and restaurants, workshops with craftsmen, or shopping with fashion experts. You will escape to charming accommodations, specially chosen for you, from a private villa, a 5-star resort, colonial mansion, to a medieval castle, we have it all.

Knowledge and Experience

Everyone has an in-depth understanding of Spain and its unique cultural heritage. We experience everything first-hand before we recommend it; that way we can guarantee we only send our clients to places we know they will fall in love with.

Unique and Unrepeatable Trips

Every trip is a blank book that we write from scratch with the traveler, without preconceived patterns or ideas. Every traveler is different.

Private Access

With us, you will open THE doors of places that few know.

Budgeting Conscientiousness

We make serious and meticulous budgets.

24/7 Personalized Service

Connected from the time you arrive until you go.

Our Suppliers

They are our team. We have years selecting them because they demonstrate their seriousness and commitment with each traveler.