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¿Te vienes de cañas? 

You can easily hear from one of your colleagues as you were switching off the computer and thinking of the plans you were supposed to do that Wednesday evening, among them going to the gym. But the idea of the cañas -beer canes- is very tempting although you know it might end up taking the whole evening and maybe part of the night. And yes, you will be back to work at 9 am on Thursday morning. And it is not going to be just beers but also lots of amazing tapas you are desperate to try. The same situation takes place on a Sunday afternoon when you unexpectedly meet some friends on the street. Tapas will extend to the whole day as you catch up and try to fix the world. 


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Truly Spain, exclusive travel agency, offers you the possibility to discover in a different,
singular, personalised and special way, the Basque Country, which has become an
exclusive destination in recent years and still preserves some of the most wonderful and
secret places in Spain.

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The history of Jews in Spain goes a way back. Spanish Jews also known as Sephardic Jews, once belonged to one of the largest Jewish communities in the world. The Jewish community kept growing in the Middle Ages. Spanish Catholic Monarchs ordered the expulsion of Spanish Jews on March 31st 1492 also known as the “Alhambra Decree”. Over 200,000 Jews converted to Catholicism and 100,000 Jews fled the country.  Read More